iPhone 6

  • We can fix anything that's damaged to this phone
  • water damaged
  • screen replacement
  • logicboard, component level repair

iPhone 6 Front Glass ONLY Repair

iPhone 6 Front Glass ONLY Repair


  • Replace iPhone 6 Front Glass ONLY
  • High Quality Glass replacement,
iPhone 6 Battery Replacement

iPhone 6 Battery Replacement


  • Battery replacement
  • Does your iPhone's battery life last you the entire day?
  • We only use ORIGINAL Factory battery
iPhone 6 Home Button Repair

iPhone 6 Home Button Repair


  • Damaged Home button Repair
  • We have your Damaged Home Button
  • Touch ID will no longer work after this replacement
iPhone 6 Motherboard Repair

iPhone 6 Motherboard Repair


  • Board Level Repair, We are able to repair MANY faults to the mainboard. We have solutions to common problems that can happen to your iPhone 6. These problems can occur after you drop your phone or water damaged.
  • Accelerometer Rototation not working
  • Ambient Light Sensor not working
  • No Audio during phone calls
  • Phone Automatically power on when you SHUT OFF
  • Camera Flash not working
  • Battery not being detected
  • Fake/No Charging when plugged in to power source
  • Backlight flickering or showing only half
  • Front camera does not work (NOT CAMERA FAULT)
  • Mic not working (there is 3 Mics in this iPhone)
  • Home Button not working
  • Grayed WIFI, and Grayed Bluetooth
  • NO Backlight Solution
  • NO GPS Solution
  • NO Image displayed on LCD
  • NO Rear Camera
  • Not Reading SIM Card
  • Touch Screen not working
iPhone 6 Water Damage Repair

iPhone 6 Water Damage Repair

$99 - $199

  • Water damage repair
  • One of the worse things you can do is put the phone rice and wait. putting the phone in rice will not fix it. it will give it time for corrosion to set in and start eating away all the connections on the board. Once that happens it may be beyond repairable.
  • Don't wait, bring to our tech immediately for a better chance of revival after taking a swim in the pool.
iPhone 6 Camera Problem

iPhone 6 Camera Problem


  • Blurry Camera
  • Camera App does not open, or stay black
  • Camera does not focus
  • Warranty: 90 Days
iPhone 6 Vibrator Problem

iPhone 6 Vibrator Problem


Vibrator not work repair

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Elmhurst Location

Elmhurst Location

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