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Compaq Presario V6000 Series Laptop Motherboard (System board) 431363-001 Socket S1

Compaq Presario V6000 Series Laptop Motherboard (System board) 431363-001 Socket S1
SKU MB-HP-431363-001
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Weight 2.00 lbs
MPN 431363-001
Condition Refurbished
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  • Motherboard for Compaq V6000 Series Notebook Computer
  • Compatible with V6000 Series that uses AMD Processors ONLY
  • HP Spare Part: 431363-001
  • Processor Socket: S1
  • Condition: Refurbished
  • Warranty: 90 Days from HYRATECH.COM

Processor, Memory, and Fan are NOT included!


Laptop Motherboards are part number specific. You must match the part number of the motherboard you are replacing with the one your are ordering; this will ensure you get the part that's compatible and avoid delays and restocking fees. 
While we provide compatibility information to the best of our ability, we do not guarantee it's accuracy.
Please order based on the part number required only.

*Compatibility List is provided as a courtesy, not responsible for any errors, to make sure you get the right motherboard, refer to your part #.

Installation Level: Advanced

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Compatibility List:

Product Models
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HP Pavilion dv6105US Notebook PC RG253UA RG253UAR
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HP Pavilion dv6095ea Notebook PC RG897EA RG897EAR
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HP Pavilion dv6024ea Notebook PC RL324EA RL324EAR
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HP Pavilion dv6135eu Notebook PC RM474EA RM474EAR
HP Pavilion dv6133eu Notebook PC RM475EA
HP Pavilion dv6136eu Notebook PC RM476EA
HP Pavilion dv6116eu Notebook PC RM477EA RM477EAR
HP Pavilion dv6102eu Notebook PC RM478EA
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HP Pavilion dv6155eu Notebook PC RM482EA RM482EAR
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HP Pavilion dv6113CA Notebook PC RN914UA RN914UAR
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HP Pavilion dv6131eu Notebook PC RP952EA RP952EAR
HP Pavilion dv6149eu Notebook PC RP953EA RP953EAR
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HP Pavilion dv6148eu Notebook PC RP955EA RP955EAR
HP Pavilion dv6187eu Notebook PC RP956EA RP956EAR
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HP Pavilion dv6103eu Notebook PC RP963EA RP963EAR
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HP Pavilion dv6123eu Notebook PC RR698EA RR698EAR
HP Pavilion dv6113eu Notebook PC RR704EA
HP Pavilion dv6106eu Notebook PC RR707EA RR707EAR
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HP Pavilion dv6105eu Notebook PC RR714EA RR714EAR
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